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DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement Claim

A hip replacement can result in a new lease of life. We rely on manufacturers to provide safe implants. When it goes wrong it causes pain, suffering unnecessary treatment and worry.

DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement Claim

If you have had a DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement you many be able to claim compensation for failure of the hip.

The hip replacement can restore some mobility and quality of life to patients, but traditionally the amount of flexibility and movement available in the replacement joint can be restrictive for younger patients. This is what the DePuy hip replacements were designed to eliminate. They were specifically designed with young patients in mind, offering more flexibility and range of movement than other options.

However, these hips have since been linked to increased failure and complications due to bad design. If you have had such a hip then call us to discuss a DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement Claim.

What goes wrong?

DePuy hip replacement claims are on the increase. Many are now finding themselves in a position where their hip is failing, or they are having serious side effects. If this is you then contact us about a DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement Claim.

Traditionally, hip replacements failed because of overuse, and the DePuy products were designed to overcome this. The Pinnacle product offered both metal-on-metal and cDePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement Claimeramic-on-ceramic options, with the aim of preventing failure due to overuse. The surgeon was able to choose which material to use in order to best suit the patient concerned.

Problems include:

  • joint inflammation from the release of chromium particles,
  • ruptured tendons,
  • fluid on the hip,
  • cardiac problems resulting from cobalt poisoning.

Making a Claim

Call us today if you wish to discuss a DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement Claim.

You can claim for:

  • further hip replacement surgery
  • on-going medical care
  • care
  • out of pocket expenses


If you or someone you know has been affected by a DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at Handley Law and we will be more than happy to help with your claim by calling 0845 676 9228 or here.

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