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Medical Product Claim

Medical Product ClaimHave you a Medical Product Claim becuase you were injured as a result of a faulty medical product?

You could be entitled to seek compensation. This will not only help you recover from any physical symptoms but also the psychological problems.

Our team of solicitors understand the complex health issues and sensitive nature of these cases and will guide you through the process.


It is the responsibility of a manufacturer of goods to compensate for injury caused by defective merchandise that it has provided for sale.

If you have been harmed by an unsafe product your claim against the manufacturer is an effective tool of your consumer rights.

The law provides for strict liability for manufacturing defects that make a product unreasonably dangerous. This means that you do not have to prove the defendant is liable and can greatly assist your case. 

A manufacturer hasduty to make the product as safe as possible. If he cannot do so, he has the obligation to adequately warn you of the dangers that exist otherwise you have a medical product claim if you are injured. The concept of a reasonably safe product applies to all dangers likely to arise when the product is being used normally or in a way that can be anticipated. This is even if it is not the purpose for which it was sold.


Types of Medical Product Claim

TVT Mesh Claims

Have you had incontience or prolapse? Have you had surgery that you are not happy with? Call us today. You have suffered enough. We are passionate about these claims and have an all female team to deal with them.

Metal on Metal HIP claims

We can deal with your hip claim on a no-win no-fee basis.

If you have had a cemented hip and a reaction to the cement then get in touch.

If you have a medical product claim then get in touch for advice. no list is exhaustive. Products are harming individuals every day.

Check the MHRA Guide to what is a medical product here

Who is sued in a Medical Product Claim

We don’t sue the NHS in a medical product claim. We sue the manufacturer of the product. In many cases the manufacturers do not teat their product properly before it is launchd onto the market.

 Make a Medical Product Claim  medical product claim

Our team of friendly team can help you make a Medical Product Claim that will:

  • Get compensation for pain and suffering
  • get compensation for any additional scarring
  • get compensation for any psycholocial trauma
  • recover your out of pocket expenses
  • recover the cost of rehabilitation & treatment

If you would like no obligation information, professional advice and guidance then please do not hesitate to speak to a member of our team.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a faulty product do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at Handley Law. You can either call us on 0845 676 9228 or can email Dr Handley personally on

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