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Rectal Mesh Complications

Rectal Mesh Complications Are you suffering from Rectal Mesh Complications? Do you find it difficult to get help and recognition that your symptoms are as a result of mesh from your doctor, then most of all you are not alone. … Continued

TVT Mesh Complications

TVT Mesh Complications TVT mesh complications are common and complex. They are incredibly painful and life long. That is what the public learned for the first time from the Victoria Debyshire show on TVT Mesh complications which aired on Tuesday … Continued

Time is Running Out

Time is Running Out Time is Running Out to claim compensation for injury caused by someone elses negligence. The Government is planning to remove your right to claim compensation if you have been harmed by someone else. No Compensation for … Continued

Safeguarding Children in Sport

Safeguarding Children in Sport Safeguarding Children in Sport Safeguarding children in sport is a priority. Many sporting clubs and academies will be and should be looking at how they should be safeguarding children in sport right now. Particularly in light … Continued

Reporting Abuse Guidance

Reporting Abuse Guidance This reporting abuse guidance is important for anyone considering reporting historic abuse. It will help you understand the processes you will go through and the information you will need. Abuse is never a childs fault. A child … Continued

Protecting Children

Protecting Children Protecting Children and the laws which facilitate it. This should be the main concern of organisations. Particularly after the historic abuse allegations in football. We highlight the range of laws available to protect children from harm and abuse. … Continued

Roundup Cancer Risk

Roundup Cancer Risk Is there a Roundup Cancer Risk? There has been much discussion in the last 5 years as to whether there is a Roundup Cancer Risk. This debate has not crystalised into litigation in the form of the … Continued

Smoking Cuts Life Expectancy In Motor Neurone Disease

Smoking Cuts Life Expectancy In Motor Neurone Disease Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease and motor neurone disease. It is a specific disease that causes the death of neurons which control voluntary muscles. It is … Continued

Patient Consent

Patient Consent It is always hoped that doctors talk to us about the risks and complications as well as the benefits of any surgery we are about to undertake. Sadly, providing sufficient information to enable a patient to fully consent … Continued

Laser Eye Surgery Complications

Laser Eye Surgery Complications If you have poor eyesight and wear glasses or contact lenses it is tempting to seek a long term solution by opting for laser eye surgery. For as little as £19 per month you can restore … Continued

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