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Patient Consent

Patient Consent It is always hoped that doctors talk to us about the risks and complications as well as the benefits of any surgery we are about to undertake. Sadly, providing sufficient information to enable a patient to fully consent … Continued

Laser Eye Surgery Complications

Laser Eye Surgery Complications If you have poor eyesight and wear glasses or contact lenses it is tempting to seek a long term solution by opting for laser eye surgery. For as little as £19 per month you can restore … Continued

Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening Tooth whitening is now one of the most popular dental treatments. To get rid of tooth staining many people turn to dentists for treatment to give perfect white teeth using tooth whitening procedures. Since tooth whitening is a … Continued

Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Genital Cosmetic Surgery A recent study by Dr Magdalena Simonis has uncovered that genital cosmetic surgery is on the increase and sadly is being sought out by girls as young as 15. Is genital cosmetic surgery the new female genital … Continued

TVT Mesh Victory

TVT Mesh Victory In 2014 Boston Scientific was found liable for injuries to four ladies who used their device to treat urinary incontinence. They were awarded compensation in total of $18.5 million. Last year, Boston Scientific attempted to overturn the … Continued

Dianette Concerns

Dianette Concerns If you have been prescribed Dianette as an acne drug or contraception you may be concerned to hear  of the deaths have been linked with the drug. It is licensed as a second-line treatment for women with severe acne … Continued

Wrong Patient

Wrong Patient How often do doctors mix up and treat the wrong patient? Patients sharing the same first or last name. Similar soundIng names. Misreading the patient identification number. In this day and age you would not have thought it … Continued

Infection Concern

Infection Concern Infections are a leading cause of death in adults over 65. Infection concern has lead to the NHS introducing new sepsis campaigns of awareness. Sepsis is a serious medical condition caused by an overwhelming immune response to infection. … Continued

Genital Beautification

Genital Beautification Female genital rejuvenation surgery is steadily increasing. Women are spending many thousands of pounds on genital beautification consisting of labia minora reduction, labia majora augmentation by autologous fat transplantation, labial brightening by laser, mons pubis reduction by liposuction, … Continued

Surgical Mesh Product Concern

Surgical Mesh Product Concern More information has been released demonstrating a surgical mesh product concern for Boston Scientific. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is currently investigating Boston Scientific due to allegations that the manufacturer used counterfeit raw material in their … Continued

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