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Undersettled Personal Injury Compensation

Undersettled personal injury compensation Have you undersettled personal injury compensation? Do you feel you are still injured? Do you feel that some of your injuries were not taken into account?

Did your legal adviser miss some of your losses and out of pocket expenses off your claim?

Changes in the Law

In the last few years the Government has made numerous changes to the way in which personal injury law is handled. As a result, some firms have attempted to cut costs by employing inexperienced and unqualified staff to deal with claims.

In amny cases this means that claims are settled without getting the full level of compensation.

Either the severity of injury is not being properly assessed, the case is settling too soon or some injuries are missed off.

If you continue to struggle with an injury or psychological damage relating to the accident some time after the case has been settled then you may have undersesttled personal injury compensation.

Many people are being pressured to accept a quick settlement. If this is you then get in touch.

This increase in undersettled claims has resulted in professional negligence cases against personal injury solicitors.

Read the Law Society Gazette article about undersettled personal injury compensation here.

What can you do about undersettled personal injury compensation

If you feel that your Solicitor or Claims Handler is not acting wholly in your best interests, then instruct us to look at your file.

Getting a second opinion is free.

We can take over your claim before your solicitor or claims handler is professionally negligent. We can get you the best settlement for your injuries.

Even if your undervalued personal injury compensation is settled, we can review the evidence to advise you as to whether or not a fair settlement was reached.

You may be able to bring an undersettled personal injury compensation claim against your previous solicitor. If your claim has been significantly undervalued in the last six years then get in touch today.

If you suspect yo may have an undersettled personal injury compensation claim call us on 0845 676 9228 or complete the enquiry form here on our website.

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