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Metal Hip Claim

Have you got a Metal on Metal Hip Claim? Have you been advised by your hosptial to claim? Have you had a hip revision?

Metal Hip Claim DePuy ASR

Do you have a metal hip claim from a De Puy product?

Johnson & Johnson, the parent company of DePuy ASR™ recalled the ASR in August 2010 after data confirmed the device has an unreasonably high rate of failure. This required patients to undergo a further surgery to revise the original hip replacement.

De Puy have accepted liability for the DePuy ASR™. They are organising revisions with all of the major hospitals in the UK. They are paying for revisions and out of pocket expenses.

They are paying metal hip claim compensation to each person.

Injury consists of:

  • Pain and suffering from having an early revision and resultant scarring.
  • Developing infections and pseudo tumors.
  • Raised colbalt and chromium.
  • There is also some discussion about heart problems.

If you had or have a DePuy ASR then get in touch about a metal on metal hip claim today.



Metal Hip Claim Injury

The metal on metal rubbed together and metal debris is generated. This then causes:  Metal on Metal Hip Claim

  • metallosis (a type of blood poisoning),
  • elevated chromium
  • elevated cobalt
  • soft tissue necrosis,
  • loose hip cups,
  • dislocations,
  • fractures,
  • pseudotumors caused by metal debris,
  • allergic reactions and adversely affect the results of revision surgery.

Obviously this is very distressing and painful.

The MHRA’s clinical orthopaedic experts are of the opinion that early revision of poorly performing MoM hip replacements should be undertaken.


What Should You Do

If you have an implant which has given cause for concern you should be offered the following treatment.

  • An annual review with your consultant.Metal on Metal Hip Claim
  • Imaging: MARS MRI or ultrasound
  • At least 2 blood metal ion level tests
  • Possible revision surgery

All adverse events should be reported to the MHRA

Seek advice from the National Joint registry here

Contact us on 0845 676 9228 and we will assist you with this.

Making a Metal Hip Claim

If you or a loved one has undergone hip replacement surgery and had a metal on metal hip, we are here to help.

We can deal with your metal on metal hip claim anywhere in the UK.

We will obtain compensation for pain and suffering and additional scarring, the cost of revision surgery, care, rehabilitation and other losses.

Home visits and private rehabilitation services such as physiotherapy can be provided.

We are dedicated to protecting the legal rights of people injured by defective medical devices. We sue the manufacturer and not the NHS.

We continue to offer free legal consultations to victims of implant injuries.

If you or a loved one have a hip implant claim, please contact us on 0845 676 9228 or complete the contact form.

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