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Cycling Accident

Have you had a cycling accident? Is your bike a mess and you need to claim back the cost of the repairs or is it a write off? What about your helmet and clothes? If you have been injured in your cycling accident we can help.

Cycling Accident

Every year, according to RoSPA, in this country around 19,000 cyclists are killed or injured in reported road accidents. This includes around 3,000 who are killed or seriously injured. With an increase in cyclists on the road due to cycling initiatives and a lack of Government investment in road safety, these are set to increase.


We believe in sensible cycling. A national debate on road safety is long overdue.

Road safety includes vehicles awareness, road design, cycle paths, road closures and a commitment to tackle the poor maintenance of roads.

If you need help we can help you with:

  • Private treatment & rehabilitation to help you recover from your injury
  • Compensation for your injury
  • Repair or replace your cycle
  • Replace any damaged accessories, including helmets
  • Help you recover the cost of any loss of earnings because of time off work
  • Recover any medical expenses related to your cycle accident

Not only do we provide you with links to specialist rehabilitation providers but also experts in cycle repairs, ensuring that you are physically and mentally prepared to get back out there doing what you love.

We have dealt with numerous cases including such incidents as:

  • Mrs P who hit by a wing mirror and knocked off he bike as a van drove next to her. .
  • Mr C who was thrown over his handlebars due to a large pothole he could not avoid.
  • Pam who had a car door opened on her as she cycled past.
  • Jason who was driven into in a road rage incident by someone who hated cyclists.
  • Paul who went over the bonnet of a car after the driver turned right across his path.


cycling accident Road safety is a vital component of keeping cycling culture alive and we are keen to help cyclists understand that they can claim cycling compensation after a cycling accident.

Call us today on 0845 676 9228 where we will be happy to talk you through the cycling accident claims process.

We will put your mind at ease about what you can expect.

We are here to make a difference and help you on the road to recovery and back on the saddle.

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