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Personal Injury Professional Negligence

Have you a personal injury professional negligence claim?

If you have previously brought a personal injury claim and you are unhappy with the settlement then call us. If something was missed out of your claim we can advise you on bringing a personal injury professional negligence claim.

Whether you used a solicitor or claims handling service, mistakes can still happen. This can leave you out of pocket through no fault of your own.

A personal injury professional negligence action will be dealt with on a No win No fee basis.


Personal Injury Professional Negligence Claim

Types of Personal Injury Professional Negligence

Solicitor missed the limitation period?

You have 3 years to make a claim for compensation for a personal injury. You have 2 years to make a criminal injury compensation claim. For Limitation Periods click here

Did your Solicitor leave out some of your losses?

Have you paid for losses that were not included in your claim? Have you got future losses that were not accounted for? Did they leave out a care claim for the help your family and friends gave to you? What about your future losses? If you have a permanent injury you will be disadvantaged on the open labour market. You should be compensated for this. If the medical evidence suggests that you will need help in the future and this was not included in your claim, you will have a personal injury professional negligence claim.

Did they miss off an injury?

Sometimes dental injuries and costs are omitted from a personal injury claim. If you have fallen and the Orthopaedic report concentrates on your broken bones, other soft tissue injuries can get forgotten.

Did they fail to get you treatment for your injury?

Did the medical report suggest that you needed treatment. Did you want physiotherapy and it was not included in your claim? Have you got ongoing pain but were not referred to a pain management expert? All aspects of your claim should be fully investigated. Personal Injury Professional Negligence

Are you still injured? Did they settle your claim before you had an opportunity to recover?

Often there is a desire to settle a case before you are fully recovered. If you are injured past the suggested recovery period then you should be seen again by the expert or referred to another expert. If this has not happened then you may being a personal injury professional negligence claim.

Did you settle your case without the benefit of medical evidence?

There is a desire by insurance companies to make pre-medical offers of settlement. They are basing the offer of settlement on what they think your recovery will be. It is very likely if you were not fully advised that you have under-settled your claim.

Have you brought a personal injury claim and you are not happy with the outcome or award of compensation?

Do you feel that the offer of settlement was too low? Did you have advice from a Barrister?  If you want to discuss your personal injury professional negligence claim then call us.

Have your psychological injuries been missed off the award of compensation?

Did you have a psychological assessment? Were you offered treatment? Often an injury claim can be very traumatic. A fall from a motorcycle or bicycle can mean that you do not want to get back on your bike on the road again. Was this taken into account in your settlement award?

Have you been ordered to pay costs and not been provided with After Event Insurance?

All cases should have the benefit of After Event Insurance if they do not have the benefit of Before the Event Insurance. You should not be left exposed to a cost award or order against you personally. This would form the basis for your personal injury professional negligence claim.

If you are not happy with your Solicitor and you want a second opinion then transfer your file to us.

If you feel that they are not keeping you up to date, your file is not progressing or following your instructions then transfer your file to us. We will preserve the previous solicitors cost position. You do not pay their costs. Having the benefit of a second opinion can often increase the level of compensation you obtain.


Get a second opinion

Pursuing a claim for compensation for personal injury is complex. You place your trust in a professional to guide you through the process. They should obtain suitable medical evidence and the right level of compensation for your injury.

Unfortunately there are a number of instances where errors, poor or careless advice, missed dates or inadequate medical evidence are made. These may result in you being entitled to personal injury professional negligence compensation.

We understand that if you have suffered from an injury you’ll be going through an emotional time, be worried and stressed.

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