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Industrial Disease

Have you recently been diagnosed with an industrial disease? Do you have cancer? Did you work with chemicals, dust, coal or silica?

We spend most of our lives working. Some working conditions lead to industrial disease.

Family members can also be affected. They can get asbestos from washing work clothes.

Industrial Disease

If you have suffered an industrial disease you are entitled to seek industrial disease compensation.

This can go a long way to helping you get back on track.

Firstly, speak to your GP and get specialist medical help. There are many treatments available.

There are also lots of aids and adaptations to your home to make life easier.

Industrial Disease Disablement Benefit

You may be entitled to Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit if you’re ill or disabled:

  • from an accident or disease caused by work;
  • while you were on an approved employment training scheme or course.

The amount you may get depends on your individual circumstances.

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Industrial Disease

If you have one of the following diseases get in touch.  Check our other pages for more information about each disease. If you have not been diagnosed but feel unwell then seek advice from your GP.

  • COPD – Lung disease
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: from regular use of vibrating tools
  • Cancer: from exposure to chemicals.
  • Asbestosis: lung disease
  • Occupational dermatitis: from an irritant
  • Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome: from vibrating tools (can include Vibration White Finger)
  • Occupational asthma.
  • Tendonitis or tenosynovitis: from frequent, repetitive movements

Claim for Industrial Disease

There is a huge amount of suffering linked to industrial disease. Very often families feel helpless with no one to turn to. We can help you.

Industrial DiseaseCompensation can cover:

  • Injury compensation
  • medical expenses
  • adaptions to your home
  • rehabilitation
  • loss of earnings
  • Provide financial support for your family’s future

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