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Ladder Fall

Ladder fall When it comes to personal injury having a ladder fall is very common.

Ladder Fall Law

In 2005 the Government recognised in 2005 that using a ladder was dangerous. It introduced the Work at Height Regulations. These regulations place a duty upon employers to risk-assess ladder work as well as draw up plans to ensure safety. Work should be supervised.

This should ensure that working up a ladder is as safe as it possibly can be. This should stop ladder fall injury.

Despite all these provisions, between 2009 and 2010 fifteen people in the UK died as a result of a ladder fall.

Some 4,000 people suffered injuries from a ladder fall. Based on these figures, it is less surprising that ladder fall compensation claims make up a relatively large proportion of personal injury claims.

Ladder fall

The HSE is a good resource for information on preventing a ladder fall.

A Birmingham shopfitting firm has been prosecuted for safety failings after a worker broke eight ribs in a ladder fall.

Ladder Exchange

Each year a Ladder Exchange initiative encourages employers to hand in old dangers ladders. See the Ladder Association for more information.

Ladder fall compensation

If you have had a ladder fall then contact us today.  Your employer may be at fault if the ladder you were using was of the wrong type, too small or placed at the wrong angle. It may also be the case that the ladder did not offer the support that you required for the job you were doing. It may also be that none of these facts applied, but your employer was negligent for another reason, such as failure to properly plan for the work you were doing or a failure to supervise your ladder use.

Ladder fall It is also very relevant to ensure that the ladder that you were using was properly maintained and did not have excessive wear and tear and that you were properly trained to use it. If you feel that your employer may have been negligent, you could be entitled to compensation.

The first thing that you will need to do is to gather as much information as possible relating to the circumstances of your accident. Just pick up the phone and speak to one of our legal representatives who you speak to will guide you in this to ensure that no evidence is lost and your claim can be properly represented. You will need names and contact details for witnesses and information about any medical treatment that you received.


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