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Optical Express Compensation

There are increasing reports of injury by Optical Express eye surgery. We are acting for Claimant’s who are considering legal action over lens replacement surgery or cataract surgery. There are dozens of similar claims against high street opticians, not just Optical Express.

Many are offered a free consultation at an Optical Express branch and are then advised that they need treatment. This treatment is costly. Many are told they need such treatment on ‘both’ eyes which is not actually the case.

One patient spent £3,000 on surgery after being diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes. She was made to undergo emergency surgery after her left retina detached. She later found out that the advice she had been given was wrong.

Several patients have experienced permenant eye damage after botched laser surgery caused them to suffer extreme photophobia. They now constantly need to wear sunglasses and dim lights at home due to extreme light sensitivity and blurred vision. Optical Express Compensation

There are also allegations that patients were pressured to pay for a second operations on the other eye. Even though there was nothing wrong with that eye.

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After seeing an Optical Express corrective eye surgery advert on the TV many patients make appointments with one of the company’s optometrists to discuss laser surgery. Patients are encouraged to have the surgery by the optometrist and told how successful it is.

However there is a string of patients who are claiming compensation for what they believe are botched or unnecessary procedures.

Around 250,000 eye surgery operations are now performed by private companies every year in the UK, with Optical Express the biggest provider.

Some surgery is performed to correct long or short-sightedness, so that a patient no longer needs glasses or contact lenses. Other operations can be done to correct other defects, such as cataracts.

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists claims that 95 per cent of people who have had such surgery are happy with the results – but campaign groups say that up to 40 per cent experience unexpected difficulties after surgery.

If you have suffered eye injury after treatment for laser eye surgery and are seeking Optical Express Compensation then get in touch with Dr Victoria Handley today by emailing or ring 0800 470 2009 for FREE

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