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Work Accident?

Have you had a work accident?  He is in your corner when it comes to sorting out what to do. Employee safety should be at the heart of every job. We believe in a zero harm culture not a zero compensation culture.

Personal Injury law is complex and having a solicitor in your corner makes the process straightforward and less stressful so if you have had a work accident? .

You don’t go to work to be injured and in a recent survey only 46% of employers believed that their employees health & safety was their responsibility. That is simply wrong so if you have had a work accident? You have the right to go home safe each night.

Work accident? Call Chris

How many work accidents?

According to the HSE Workplace transport injuries affected 4,956 people and included 55 fatalities. These include overturning, being hit by falling objects, falling from a vehicle or being hit by a vehicle. 24% are from fork lift trucks. The larger the vehicle the higher the chance that an injury is classified as major.

The HSE states that an estimated 629 000 workers had an accident at work in 2013/14.

Over half of the the fatal injuries to workers were as a result of : falls from height; contact with moving machinery; and being struck by a vehicle. This should not still be happening. A zero harm culture benefits everyone.

Falls and slips & trips account for over a third (35%) of employee injuries. They made up more than half of all reported major/specified injuries and almost three in ten (29%) over-seven-day injuries to employees.

An estimated 1.9 million working days were lost due to handling injuries and slips & trips and resulted in lost income. If you are injured at work due to your employers negligence you are unlikely to be paid whilst you are absent and cannot claim benefits. You are likely to get into debt and need advice to get you back to work as soon as possible.

If you have had a work accident? Call us in confidence for advice. Most of the time he will be able to tell you over the telephone whether you have a justifiable claim.

Work accident? Call Chris

Work Accident? Call us for help

Compensation is your access to justice. It is available to you to get you going again. To reimburse your lost wages if you have been unable to work, to pay back your out-of-pocket expenses and to get you rehabilitation treatment to get you back to work.

Work accident? Call Chris Personal injury affects lots of people every day and is often life-changing. if you have had a work accident? Call us and don’t give up your right to be compensated.

“I was at a loss before I phoned Chris. I hadn’t worked for 4 months due to my broken leg after my fall from scaffolding. He got me my wages back whilst I had physiotherapy. I was then able to go back to work whilst he settled my claim for £12,500.” Mr Jones, Huyton

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