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Anthony Dixon Complaint

Anthony Dixon Complaint

Treated by Mr Anthony Dixon on the NHS or privately? An Anthony Dixon complaint involves his procedures at the NHS Southmead hospital in Bristol. Also at the former Frenchay hospital in Bristol and the private Spire Bristol hospital.

The deadline for patients injured as a result of mesh implant surgery performed by Mr Anthony Dixon on the NHS has been extended to Friday 28 February 2020.

An NHS handling agreement means that those who have had a rectopexy (LVMR) or STARR procedure formulating an Anthony Dixon Complaint can get fast track help. This is to deal with any damage done by his invasive operations.

The agreement only applies to NHS patients but can apply to patients who had mesh surgery at a private hospital funded by the NHS.

Anthony Dixon was a Consultant colorectal surgeon who left patients in excruciating pain and suffering due to his techniques in treating them.

An Anthony Dixon Complaint arises from recommending invasive mesh implant surgery, a procedure that aims to repair pelvic damage without warning patients about the potential pain and complications it can cause, and without suggesting alternative treatment.

The Anthony Dixon complaint was investigated by his NHS Trust and restrictions placed on his licence by the General Medical Council. In a letter issued by the Trust to ex-patients on 25 June 2019, it was confirmed that he had been formally dismissed.

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