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Filshie Clip Migration and Groin Hernias

Filshie Clip Migration and Groin Hernias

Filshie Clip Migration causing hernias is a rare event but causes significant injury. Sterilisation is a common form of contraception. Many women are not offered the choice of tubal occlusion.

Reports of Filshie clip migration are increasing. We have a large number of claims causing various injuries. Multiple groin hernias associated with migration of a Filshie clip is not new.

Groin Hernia

A 56-year-old woman had a tender right groin lump and sought medical advice. She had undergone a right-sided inguinal hernia repair 3 years earlier. Some 21 years earlier she had tubal occlusion using Filshie clips.

Scans revealed that a tubal clip had migrated within her right inguinal region and had also been identified on imaging prior to a previous hernia repair. The Filshie clip had not been removed in that previous surgery.

She then needed to undergo a repair of a right femoral hernia with the tubal clip identified in the sac and removed.

This case highlights the importance of identification and removal of foreign bodies as soon as possible. Such Filshie Clips have been known to imbed in the bowel, uterus and lung.

In order to reducing the risk of hernia recurrence or further complications surgery is necessary and will give rise to a potential claim. It is important that Filshie Clips that migrate are removed as soon as they are identified. Leaving them in situ can result in further migration, pain and injury.

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