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TVT Mesh Compensation

Have you been injured as a result of TVT Mesh. Do you suffer from incontinence or prolapse? You may be entitled to claim TVT Mesh Compensation?

There are many women who have received treatment for stress incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse. There are many treatment choices available.

What is negligence?

If you have been left worse off after receiving medical treatment you may wish to bring an action in negligence.

Once you have established that the Doctor has breached his duty of care, you must prove that the breach caused your injury. Causation is difficult. You must show that had you known of the risks you would not have had the surgery.

If you suffer from incontinence or have a prolapse you should see your GP who will refer you for urodynamics.

Negligence occurs in 3 ways:

1. Lack of adequate or any informed consent
2. Lack of treatment choice
3. Negligent surgery

If you have suffered you may be entitled to claim TVT Mesh Compensation.


Your surgeon must obtain your consent for your operation. This role and discussion must not be delegated to a nurse.

You must be told of all of the available procedures and the risks and benfits of each one. You must then be free to make a choice as to which treatment you wish to undertake.

So often Surgeons get this wrong. They recommend a form of treatment and persuade you as to its benefits. Rarely are the risks or side effects adquately explained. The majority of cases we deal with have consent issues. If you were not properly warned about the dangers then you may claim TVT Mesh Compensation.

Lack of treatment choice

The NICE Guidelines state that a patient must be given conservative treatments first. These involve medication or non-invasive treatment. Surgery is a last resort. If you have not had this range of treatment before resorting to TVT Mesh surgery you may be able to claim TVT Mesh Compensation.

These include:
1. Lifestyle changes – Simple changes to your lifestyle in order to improve symptoms.
2. Reducing caffeine intake
3. Altering how much fluid you drink
4. Losing weight
5. Pelvic floor muscle training
6. Electrical stimulation
7. Biofeedback
8. Vaginal cones
9. Bladder training
10. Incontinence products (to manage the condition) including: a. absorbent products, such as incontinence pants or pads; b. hand-held urinals (urine collection bottles); c. a catheter,
11. Devices that are placed into the vagina or urethra to prevent urine leakage, (e.g. while exercising)
12. Medication for stress incontinence E.g. duloxetine
13. Medication for urge incontinence E.g. Antimuscarinics; or Mirabegron
14. Medication for nocturia E.g. desmopressin; or a loop diuretic.
15. Invasive procedures for OAB – where women with proven overactive bladder syndrome have not responded to conservative management, healthcare professionals should offer bladder wall injections with Botulinum toxin after discussing the risks and benefits.
16. Surgical procedures – if conservative treatment has failed then you should be offered a surgeical procedure (e.g. Burch colposuspension).

Negligent surgery

Surgeons are negligent in many different ways. Having an operation will always carry risks. By putting a patients safety first a surgeon should minimise those inherent risks.

A surgeon must have adequate training. They must be competent to perform certain surgeries.

Surgery errors include:
– retained surgical sponge or instrument
– cutting muscles or nerves during surgery or attempted extraction
– siting the mesh in the wrong place
– organ perforation – (Of the reports to the FDA regarding prolapse mesh surgery between 2008 and 2010, 5.8 percent involved organ perforation). Severe cases of organ perforation may result in infection and difficulty breathing. Surgery is nearly always required, and may include mesh removal, bowel resection, colostomy and blood transfusion. Perforated organs can leak urine or waste into the bloodstream, which can cause fatal complications like septic shock.
– attempted and failed removal – making things worse

If this has happened to you then contact us about TVT Mesh Compensation

TVT Mesh Compensation Claims

The world over, there is a high percentage of these who have suffered severe side effects, changing their lives for worse severely and sometimes indefinitely. TVT Mesh compensation can help these genuine and innocent victims come to terms with their situation and help them recover some semblance of their old lives, both physically and mentally.

Ever since July 2012 when a US jury awarded Christine Scott and her husband $5.5 million in TVT Mesh compensation, other victims across the world have realised that they too can have a voice and not be left to suffer in painful silence. In the UK the MHRA stopped short of announcing a recall but there has been evidence to suggest problems with the way in which women have been diagnosed and treated with a medical product that in many cases should be used only as a last resort.

TVT Mesh Compensation

You must be informed that alternative conservative treatments are available. Women must be informed that a surgery may cause:

1. chronic untreatable pain,
2. shrinking and associated problems,
3. mesh erosion
4. Mesh break through
5. infection & cystitis,
6. effect on your ability to have children,
7. failure of the operation,
8. urgency,
9. retention,
10. sexual dysfunction
11. Nerve damage
12. Fistulas
13. Vaginal scarring
14. Neuro-muscular problems
15. Autoimmune problems
16. Vaginal shrinkage or shortening
17. Vaginal bleeding
18. Blood in the stool or urine

TVT Mesh Compensation Advice and Guidance TVT Mesh Compensation

Our dedicated women only team want to make a difference to the lives of our clients who are suffering from the side effects of TVT Mesh surgery. It is incredibly painful, embarrassing and requires life long management.

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