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Domestic Abuse Compensation

Domestic Abuse Compensation Do you know that you can claim domestic abuse compensation? Practically every aspect of a domestic abuser survivor’s life is altered in the aftermath of domestic violence. Leaving an abusive relationship involves transitioning from being controlled to … Continued

Culture of Cover up

Culture of Cover up The public can have no confidence that the hospitals watchdog has done a good job, its own chair admitted in 2013. The Health Secretary was forced to apologise for a cover-up over a scandal-hit hospital where … Continued

Embarrassing Bodies

Embarrassing Bodies We have an innovative ‘Solicitors for Women’ team raising health awareness and destigmatising embarrassing conditions. The team are happy to talk about common complaints that many people would rather ignore than take to their GP. We talk on … Continued

Anal Sphincter Injury

Anal Sphincter Injury An anal sphincter injury affects many first-time mothers who give birth vaginally. Over 10% of mothers having a baby through the birth canal can develop some form of anal incontinence (AI). The risk is even higher when … Continued

What You Need to Know about Breast Implants

What You Need to Know about Breast Implants Breast augmentations are still by far the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure for women and have risen year on year. Still, there are risks associated with all breast implants, including: Additional surgeries … Continued

Anthony Dixon Complaint

Anthony Dixon Complaint Treated by Mr Anthony Dixon on the NHS or privately? An Anthony Dixon complaint involves his procedures at the NHS Southmead hospital in Bristol. Also at the former Frenchay hospital in Bristol and the private Spire Bristol … Continued

Bowel Incontinence

Bowel Incontinence Bowel incontinence is an inability to control bowel movements, resulting in involuntary soiling. This is faecal incontinence or bowel incontinence. The experience of bowel incontinence can vary from person to person. Some people feel a sudden need to … Continued

Time To Compensate TVT Victims

Time To Compensate TVT Victims   Time To Compensate TVT Victims in light of the US halt on the sale of Vaginal Mesh blamed for thousands of injuries.   Thousands of women in the UK have reported serious complications, including … Continued

Asherman’s syndrome

Asherman’s syndrome Asherman’s syndrome is a condition which occurs in women who have had several dilatation and curettage (D&C) procedures. Asherman’s Syndrome, or intrauterine adhesions/scarring or synechiae, is an acquired uterine condition, characterized by the formation of adhesions (scar tissue) … Continued

Australia Bans Mesh

Australia Bans Mesh Australia Bans Mesh and it is a welcome announcement for us all. The use of the controversial vaginal mesh implants has been banned after a review found “the benefits do not outweigh the risks these products pose … Continued

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