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Bladder Cancer Minimum Standards

Bladder Cancer Minimum Standards

The rapid referral guidance toolkit produced by Macmillan Cancer Support contains the NICE referral guidelines for suspected cancer. There are also accompanying notes from Macmillan GPs and GP advisers. It’s been produced by GPs for GPs with the aim of providing support, guidance and practical referral recommendations.

Macmillan’s Rapid Referral Guidelines are based on NICE guidance. This toolkit supports all of the recommendations in the NICE guideline on suspected cancer: recognition and referral apart from those relating to specific childhood cancers.

Bladder cancer

Urgent referral

Urgently refer people (appointment within two weeks) if they are:

  • aged 45 and over with either:
    • unexplained visible haematuria without urinary tract infection or
    • visible haematuria that persists or recurs after successful treatment of urinary tract infectionBladder Cancer Minimum Standards
  • aged 60 and over with unexplained non-visible haematuria and either:
    • dysuria or
    • a raised white cell count on a blood test.

Non-urgent referral

Consider referring people aged 60 and over with recurrent or persistent urinary tract infection that is unexplained.

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