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Female Surgeons and Sexual Assault

Female Surgeons and Sexual Assault

It is deeply concerning and disheartening to hear about female surgeons who allege being subjected to sexual harassment, assault, and even rape by their colleagues in the workplace. Such appalling experiences inflict severe emotional and psychological distress on the victims. They also undermine their sense of safety and trust in their professional environment. It is essential to support and provide avenues for these brave individuals to come forward and shed light on such misconduct. It is crucial for institutions and organisations to have robust mechanisms in place to address and prevent such misconduct.

Promoting a culture of respect, enforcing strict policies against harassment, providing comprehensive training, and instituting anonymous reporting systems are some measures that can make strides towards ensuring a safe and inclusive workplace for all medical professionals. Instigating criminal proceedings in each case sets the bar for nontolerance in the workplace. By actively combatting sexual harassment and assault, we can uphold the integrity and trustworthiness of our healthcare systems while supporting victims on their journey towards justice and healing.

Our View

Report sexual assault. There are many different ways you can report it to the police. We understand it can be difficult. You might not be completely sure what happened or how to talk about it. Trained officers and partner organisations are here to listen and work together to support you in any way they can. Importantly, your information could help us bring the offender to justice. This will make sure you, and other people in a similar situation, are kept safe.



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