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Filshie Clip Claim

Filshie Clip Claim

We are investigating a large number of women who have been injured by Filshie clips used in sterilisation. The ‘clip’ is attached to the fallopian tube blocking a woman’s fallopian tubes so she cannot get pregnant. Problems can occur in 25 percent of women leading to a Filshie Clip Claim.

Filshie Clips can often migrate and cause chronic abdominal pain, hernias, heavier and sometimes painful periods.

Some women have symptoms or extrusion of the clip from the anus, vagina, urethra, uterus, bowel or abdominal wall. They can migrate throughout the body perforating the tissue.

Many women with allergies to titanium find that the silicone-lined titanium clamps cause an adverse reaction. Other women suffer from post tubal ligation syndrome.

There is no timescale from when sterilisation occurs to migration. Women have investigations, scans and examinations under anaesthetic to find the cause of pain. Women are not told for many years that the cause of their pain is the Filshie Clip migration.

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