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Filshie Clip Litigation

Filshie Clip Litigation

We are actively pursuing litigation against hospitals for use of the Filshie Clip sterilization device without consent. Many women who have been sterilised have been injured by migration of the clips, pregnancy or post tubal ligation syndrome. Filshie Clip have been used as a method to prevent pregnancy yet many women were not told that Filshie Clips would be used to sterilise them or what the risks and complications are.

We are helping a large number of women with Filshie Clip Litigation.

Many have suffered pain and perforation of tissue as a result of migration. Clips are found to be embedded in lung, abdomen, uterus, groin and even expelled through the urethra. They have suffered years of agony often told there was an unknown cause. It is so vitally importance that the clips are identified and removed before such a foreign body can migrate further in order to potentially reduce the risk of further complications.

The use of Filshie Clips was so often not communicated to women being sterilised resulting in them having multiple investigations to identify the cause of pain. Where Filshie clips were communicated, the risks and complications were downplayed or not mentioned at all.

So if you are based in the UK or US we are here to help.

Filshie Clip Litigation

If you have been sterilised and have suffered as a result of the use of Filshie Clips then we can help. We understand the issues and expect a large number of women to have experienced difficulties post sterilisation but offered no solutions. We deal with a number of Filshie Clip cases and understand the difficulties in accessing appropriate treatment and care. Get in touch with Dr Victoria Handley today. Don’t suffer in silence. Call FREE on 0800 470 2009 or email

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