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We act on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis. This is Conditional Fee Agreement which is a contract between you and us. It means that if you are not successful with your claim then you do not pay our costs of working for you.

We insure your case to protect you against the things we have to pay for such as court fees, medical records and medical reports.

The flip side is that if you win your case you pay a ‘success fee’ of up to 25% of the compensation to us (based on your injury claim and past losses) and the insurance premium.

Payment of the success fee and insurance is made out of your compensation so you do not have to find the funds to pay us. You get the net sum.

Of course, if it transpires that it is a fraudulent claim or there is fundamental dishonesty regarding the injury or losses, then you lose the protection of the ‘No Win No Fee’ contract. You become liable for all the fees and disbursements and possibly those of the Defendant.

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