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Mesh Public Inquiry

Mesh Public Inquiry

The Mesh Public Inquiry call to Parliament has been made! As you may have seen in the news, UK MPs debated the risks associated with mesh implants after thousands of women said the device has perforated organs, caused chronic pain. This resulted in them being unable to work or have sex.

Campaigners of the Mesh Public Inquiry had support from The Labour Party. They were backing the call for a public inquiry into mesh procedures whilst calling for the devices to be stopped immediately in England whilst the enquiry was ongoing.

The Government has refused a public inquiry into the use of mesh implants for now. Following a debate in Westminster, Minister for Care and Mental Health, Jackie Doyle-Price, acknowledged the severity of the issues surrounding the treatment. However, she ruled out a public inquiry or a suspension. She also insisted the risks were associated with clinical practice, not the mesh implants themselves.

Campaigners and high profile surgeons have accused the NHS of “whitewashing” after the official report in July failed to address risks or lack of proper clinical trialling.

While the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and NHS official statistics put the risk of side effects at 1-3 per cent. The real statistics are almost certainly much higher. Non-hospital data is not included, many symptoms only manifest themselves years after the procedure. Sadly, many women don’t come forward out of shame, embarrassment or even ignorance of even having the mesh inside them.

What now?

How will surgeons help patients going forward should a ban ever happen? importantly, what other surgical options are there for ladies?

Will surgeons now resort back to operations they used to do before mesh was introduced such as:

• Open Colposuspension, Standard Technique (Burch) Variations (Tanagho & Obturator Shelf)
• Autologuous sling (Aldridge’s technique)
• Autologuous sling (Sling on a string)

In fact, where you offered these alternatives at all?

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