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Solicitors for Women on Smooth Radio

Solicitors for Women on Smooth Radio

You may have heard our new advert highlighting Solicitors for Women on Smooth Radio. We are here for you.

Solicitors for Women on Smooth Radio is the all female team from Handley Law showcasing their expertise. Our team has been dealing with issues pertaining to women in a clinical negligence and cosmetic surgery basis for many years. We specialise in urogynaecolocial issues, obstetrics, incontinence, breast surgery, vaginal surgery and cosmetic surgery litigation.

Consent issues are raised in nearly all cases. Failure to inform of the risks and complications of surgery as well as offering alternative treatments and negligent surgery are the 3 largest areas of medical litigation we deal with. Solicitors for Women on Smooth Radio brings you solutions for women by women.

The care home negligence team collaborate to protect the interests of the vulnerable elderly or disabled in care or nursing homes. With such terrible cases of injury and harm caused to loved ones in care homes, the majority of cases are taken on. Help is on offer to move a loved one as well as highlight the failings with the CQC as well as seeking compensation.

Finally, the Criminal Injury team who deal with sexual and non-sexual assault, domestic violence and abuse cases lend their expertise to provide a full service. We have found that claimants who are represented by a Solicitor get better levels of compensation from the CICA than those who submit their own application.

Solicitors for Women seeks to empower women to take control of their problems and do something about them with the help of an experienced legal team, no win no fee agreements, insurance to protect against costs and the passion of a firm which is here to make a difference.

Solicitors for Women on Smooth Radio came about because we wanted to reach as many people as possible. We are also in the Daily Mail and Metro. Share the message. Tell your friends and family. We are here for you.

So if you hear Solicitors for Women on Smooth Radio and you or someone you know has a problem then get in touch.

It costs nothing to find out if you have a claim by calling into our offices or telephoning Freephone 0800 470 2009.

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