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TVT Mesh Complications

TVT Mesh Complications

TVT mesh complications are common and complex. They are incredibly painful and life long. That is what the public learned for the first time from the Victoria Debyshire show on TVT Mesh complications which aired on Tuesday 18th April 2017. We have been helping ladies for years bring claims against hospitals for TVT mesh complications. We have sued both NHS and private hospitals. From the ladies that we act for, we could see that they feel isolated and are made to feel that this is only happening to them by the medical profession. For the first time, ladies are now able to speak openly about their problems and the treatment that they have had that has made it worse.

Dr Victoria Handley, Director of Handley Law and Solicitors for Women assisted the research for the show. She stated that ‘I am absolutely delighted that we are finally getting the exposure that is needed to help ladies who are experiencing problems whilst at the same time advising others who may be on the waiting list. While the NHS continues to use this procedure, ladies must be fully informed of the risks and complications and the serriousness of those complications”.


There are serious complications that flow from TVT mesh. Many ladies experience immense pain that feels like sitting on cheese wire or a spike. It is life long pain and leads to chronic pain management. Repeat infection become resistant to antibiotics. Water infections and discharge are uncomfortable and distressing. On some occasions, left untreated, they can lead to sepsis. The mesh can erode or cut through the tissue and into the vagina. Many husbands have been cut during intercourse and suffered injury themselves. When intercourse becomes too painful to endure, many marriages have collapsed.

If pain becomes too much, combined with incontinence and erosion, many ladies find walking difficult and even working. Some have to give up work which puts extra pressure on finances. Many doctors and GP’s don’t listen to the concerns or carry out unnecessary investigations when clearly the problem is mesh.

Dr Victoria Handley said that ‘it is clear that the medical profession is reluctant to admit the problems with this procedure. It is a cheap procedure for the NHS, hence its attraction, but they cannot keep carrying out wasteful investigations and treatments to ladies who are clearly victims of TVT mesh complications’.

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