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TVT Mesh Victory

TVT Mesh Victory

In 2014 Boston Scientific was found liable for injuries to four ladies who used their device to treat urinary incontinence. They were awarded compensation in total of $18.5 million. Last year, Boston Scientific attempted to overturn the ruling and on Monday 3rd October the Judge in South West Virginia US District Court ruled that they did not provide a substantial argument to overturn the ruling. A TVT Mesh victory once again for the victims of TVT mesh.

Judge Goodwin stated that a reasonable jury would be able to conclude that the dangers of Obtryx were not justifiable for the potential medical gain based on expert testimony and evidence at trial.

He went on to state that Boston Scientific’s failure to conclude clinical trials before marketing the Obtryx proximately caused the injuries complained of.

Boston Scientific knew that the lack of clinical testing before marketing its product could result in safety issues.

He found that because Boston Scientific failed to respond to “explicit warnings from the manufacturer” about the materials used to make the Obtryx, and because the company “suggested hiding negative studies to physicians considering using the Obtryx,” that a reasonable jury could conclude that Boston Scientific’s conduct justified compensation of all damages awarded in 2014 which was a further TVT mesh victory.

Victims of TVT Mesh

Anyone who has experienced problems with TVT Mesh will welcome the courts decision and this TVT mesh victory will go a long way to help those victims suing manufacturers or hospitals.

Whilst the manufacturers failed to respond to warnings or conduct clinical testing, hospitals in the UK bought the product readily. Billed as a safe and quick procedure the potential savings to the NHS were great. Hospitals rolled out the product as a new wonderful invention.

Sadlly any victim of mesh will atest that TVT mesh leaves life long, life altering, complications. These include:

  • pain
  • inability to have intercourse
  • scarring
  • infections
  • erosion or break through of mesh into the vagina, bladder or bowel

to name a few.

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