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Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women is a despicable crime which has absolutely no place in our society. But for too long, too many women and girls have suffered domestic abuse, rape and sexual assault. Too many women lose their lives to a partner or ex-partner.

Solicitors for Women is determined that violence against women of all kinds should end. Supporting victims is at the heart of our approach. We want to ensure the voices of victims are heard and that they can access justice.

Too often women feel trapped and unable to move forward with their lives. They are unaware of the help and resources that are available to start again.

Solicitors for Women has been helping women and girls for many years to obtain compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. By offering support and representation we are able to secure maximum awards of compensation. Whether by the first award or through the appeals process we support you. That compensation helps women to start again.

Make a Claim to Start Again

We therefore encourage the ‘Make a Claim to Start Again’ campaign. We want to encourage victims of crime to make a claim and use the compensation to get help and support and start again. It may be used to move house, get therapy, get help with children, treatment for physical or mental injury. It may just be a safety net to put away ‘just in case’.

Solicitors for women is determined to see a society where violence against women and girls is completely unacceptable. A society where people speak out and where no woman or girl is exploited, traumatised or coerced into damaging sexual behaviour or criminal activity.

If you have been the victim of crime you can get specialist help by accessing FREE support in your area by visiting the Victim and Witness information HERE

If you have been a victim we can help you make a claim to start again call FREE 0800 470 2009 or email Dr Victoria Handley at


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