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We Need to Talk About Incontinence

We Need to Talk About Incontinence

Incontinence is a significant problem which is not being addressed sufficiently.

Up to 65% of those in care homes have incontinence. Incontinence or dependence on a urinary catheter significantly increases the level of dependency in older people. This may delay discharge from the hospital or initiate a move into a residential or nursing care setting. We Need to Talk About Incontinence

Complications and treatments for continence problems, for example, pressure ulcers, urinary tract infections, catheterisation and faecal impaction, can all lead to admission to hospital and care facilities for extended lengths of stay and sometimes permanently. The National Audit of Continence Care found that many services were not providing services in line with NICE guidance and that the quality of care is worse among older patients over the age of 65, in whom the condition is most prevalent.

Of women suffering from ‘moderate’ or ‘severe’ urinary incontinence, fewer than one-third were found to be receiving help via health or social services for their condition. By addressing continence care, we are helping women manage their condition and keeping them out of a care home setting.

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