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What to do about Mesh Implant Complication

What to do about Mesh Implant Complication

Many women still do not know what to do about a mesh implant complication. It is helpful to continue to highlight the issues and where to find help.

If you are suffering with:

• Irregular vaginal bleeding or discharge, particularly if you have had a hysterectomy
• Faecal discharge or urine from your vagina
• Intermittent rectal bleeding
• Discomfort during intercourse
• Mesh extrusion or erosion – you can feel it in your vagina.
• Pelvic pain or swelling

• Recurrent or new bladder (recurrent infection) and bowel symptoms (recurrent ODS or faecal urgency)
• Pain on intercourse or inability to have intercourse

These symptoms are more likely to be mesh-related and may indicate injury to the vagina, bladder, urethra or bowels as a result of mesh erosion.


Any adverse incident involving a device should be reported to the MHRA, especially if the incident has led, or might have led to: deterioration in health or permanent impairment of body structure or function; the necessity for medical or surgical intervention (including implant revision); hospitalisation or prolongation of existing hospitalisation; death; life-threatening illness or injury.

If you have been affected by a TOT or TVT-O mesh then get in touch with Dr Victoria Handley today by calling our Solicitors for Women Freephone number on 0800 470 2009 or email


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