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How Much Will My Care Home Charge Me?

Are you in a care home? Thinking of moving to a care home? Then you will be wondering how much will my care home charge me?

If you need to move to a care home, it is likely that you will be expected to pay something towards the cost your accommodation and personal care

How much will my care home charge me?

This is calculated by reference to a means test that your local authority will undertake but is set against nationally guidelines.

Firstly, you will have a care needs assessment to identify what type of help you need. This may range from accommodation to full time nursing care. If you are bed bound or suffer dementia you may require 24/7 care.

They will then carry out a means test to work out how much you have to pay towards your fees.

As it presently stands, if you have assets of more than £23,250, you will need to pay the full cost of your care.

Remember this does not include your home if your partner or a close relative still lives there. Any income you have is also taken into account.

From April 2015, your local authority must provide a ‘personal budget’ which shows how much they’ve calculated they should pay towards your eligible needs. These are the ones identified in the care needs assessment.

The Care Act How much will my care home charge me?

The Care Act was introduced April 2015 and further changes will be implemented in April 2016 when a care cap is actually introduced.

So how much will my care home charge me? This means you will not spend more than £72,000 of your own money on your care needs. The amount that you and the council spend on your needs will be added up in your care account. Once this reaches £72,000, the council will pay for all your eligible needs.

Also, from April 2016, the upper capital limit will also increase from £23,250 to £118,000.

The Care Act creates certainty regarding expenditure. It also demonstrates that the more you pay the more likely you are to get the care home you want. More resources will be available for staff and training as well as your needs.

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