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How Much Will My Care Home Charge Me?

Are you in a care home? Thinking of moving to a care home? Then you will be wondering how much will my care home charge me? If you need to move to a care home, it is likely that you … Continued

Moving Care Homes After Neglect

If you are unhappy with your care home then moving care homes after neglect is the safest option. You have the right to choose where you live. Even if your local council is arranging and paying for all or some … Continued

Hospitalised Elderly Trapped

Hospitalised elderly trapped in hospital with nowhere to turn. The shocking report from Age UK regarding the Hospitalised elderly trapped with nowhere for them to go should be addressed by the Government as a priority. To read the report click … Continued

7 Day GP Service

7 day GP service once scrapped by the Government may now be back in favour. 7 Day GP service – what is it? The Governments plans to have seven-day access for GP’s has not quite come to an end. The … Continued

Clinical Negligence Claims

The Law Society Gazette (15.06.15) reported that the Government is looking at new ways of bringing down the cost of clinical negligence claims against the NHS. The NHS Litigation Authority and the Medical Protection Society said that the Government must … Continued

Medical Negligence Victim?

We hear about tragic stories of medical negligence almost daily in the press. You put trust in the medical profession (whether GP, doctor or dentist) to care, listen and use the knowledge at their disposal to advise and help you. … Continued

Are GPs the answer to everything?

The CQC says GPs should be more involved in end-of-life care. It stated that more could be done to ensure that GPs were “the essential link between practices, hospices and hospitals for patients approaching the end of their lives”. Are … Continued

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