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Medical Negligence Victim?

We hear about tragic stories of medical negligence almost daily in the press.

You put trust in the medical profession (whether GP, doctor or dentist) to care, listen and use the knowledge at their disposal to advise and help you. It doesn’t always go well and you become a medical negligence victim.

Medical negligence victim?

It is sometimes very easy to spot when this goes wrong. Sometimes it is not. If you are already ill and your symptoms are made worse it is difficult to know if it is the fault of someone who should have treated you better.

Here is a list of the most common acts of negligence undertaken by health care professionals. If you need to discuss something that has happened to you, then call us.

For a free discussion and no win no fee if we can help.

  1. Failure to see a patient when asked and when urgent assessment is needed.
  2. Failing to examine a patient completely or at all
  3. Failing to diagnose a condition within the expertise of the clinician
  4. Failure to refer on or admit to hospital
  5. Failure to give competent advice or explain choices and consequences
  6. Failing to prescribe any or correct medicine or treatment
  7. Prescribing the wrong medicine or treatment causing further injury
  8. Failing to carry our competently any surgical or other procedure competently
  9. Failing to advise on options for treatment correctly or at all
  10. Failing to monitor a patient competently or at all
  11. Failing to follow up after examination or treatment when such follow up is necessary
  12. Doing something wrong in surgery

This list is not exhaustive and each case is determined on its own merits.

If you feel that you are a medical negligence victim then call us on 0845 676 9228.

Case rejected by another firm?

Over 3 million people were injured last year as a result of someone elses negligence according to the Law Society. Medical negligence victim and your case has been rejected by another firm? Call us for a second opinion.

Some larger firms will tell you that there is not enough costs in it for them to take on your case.

Other firms will charge you to risk assess your case. We have heard of instances of clients being asked to pay £1600 to risk assess a medical negligence case.


We always deal on a No win no fee basis.

Call us today. You have nothing to lose.

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